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Amp wire to speaker connection

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In about a month, (hopefully) I am going to attemp to installing some new speakers and an amp. I will be using my factory radio. I got the nissan 6 disc from a salvage versa in FL, so im not in the market to replacing it. I got some directions from sclayton325, so I think I cant do this thanks to him. But I would like to know when connecting the amps speaker wires to the speakers, do I use something called Female Quick Disconnect Connectors? If so what are the two sizes I need? If this isnt what I need, can someone tell me what I need to connect them. I am not using the headunits power at all. Just amp to speakers, and of course the signal wires from head to amp, but thats besides the point, lol. Thanks Brian.
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there is a new product on the market that increases the output of your stock radio, i forgot what its called...
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