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Another Noob.

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Found the forums off of cardomain guestbook browsing. lol

I'm Brian and I own an '07 S Versa. Looking forward to being active in the community.
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welcome aboard brian, im sure you will enjoy your stay.
welcome :)
Welcome Bro...I hope you enjoy this little (for now) but awesome community.
welcome to the forums... who are you on cardomain?
Lol, a nobody with an unimportant cardomain page. =P

Nah, I'm "iamTrust" I have not updated in some time, so be amazed at the boring-ness.

Thanks for the welcome everyone!
its ok with all the stuff ive done to my car, i only made the top 10... ive noticed that there are a lot of haters, but hey what can you do? it is the internet...
Welcome fellow n00b! :p

Hope you enjoy the stay and look forward to your input! :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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