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Ants and Moisture...

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Not too sure if this goes here, but I can't really think of a better category to put it under.

As of late there's been ants getting into my Versa. Like tons. I don't know what's attracting them, as there's nothing in there. Just insurance papers and the owner's manual. And an air freshener. Which is closed and has no ants trailing to it. They're just running up and down the sides where the kickplates are and behind the plastic trims running on the sides to (I suppose) keep moisture out. Any tips on how to get rid of these pests without giving my V an ant poison bath? They're only around in the mornings.

Second issue...those same plastic trims, has anyone had trouble with them before? When I've washed my car or it's rained, I've noticed that water gets into the same area where the kick plates are. And today as I was trying to get rid of the ants I noticed that there seems to be residue from what appears to be water on the side of the dashboard, the very end of it (only visible when you have the door open).

Is this just me having this issue? I haven't even had the car for a month yet and I really don't want to have these random complications.

(Why the ants choose my car instead of all other four vehicles on the driveway is beyond me.)

Any tips are appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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What kind of cleaners are you using in the inside? I know when I detailed the interior of my GT ants would always flock inside of it because of my Turtlewax cleaner. Great stuff but the ants loved it for some reason. Not sure about your water issue though, I don't have that issue although when I pressure wash it, sometimes a few drops of water get into the inside but never had any in normally.
pictures would be nice. I would check the gasket for any wear or just use some baby powder and powder the area lightly then shut the door. Get the garden hose then blast the door away in many different angles :p if there is a leak you should see a trail from the powdered area.
I have used Vaseline on gaskets before such as t-tops and rear glass on hatches that worked great because it brings back the suppleness to the gasket making it better at keeping rain and water out.
I have used Vaseline on gaskets before such as t-tops and rear glass on hatches that worked great because it brings back the suppleness to the gasket making it better at keeping rain and water out.
Good idea... I'll remember that process to wipe down the gaskets before winter to help keep them pliable.
VfV: The only cleaner I've got on the inside has been ArmorAll protectant wipes, however they have not been near the wiped areas.

Nemesis: I just washed it yesterday and blasted it to see if anything got in, as of now there are no "stains" where they were before, but I'm gonna try that method real soon.

Warrior: That's a really good idea. As of now no gaskets look damaged but I'll try it during the winter as Vinnie suggested.

Thanks for suggestions and help, guys!
Hmmm from experience Armorall doesn't cause this problem. Have you perhaps spilled a little bit of soda inside? Anything sweet will drive ants crazy.
Question 1: Do you eat in your car?
Question 2: Do you park on grass or under trees? If not, garage?
Question 3: Do you have roadkill attached to your car?

Obviously the have to climb from somewhere, and that somewhere are the tires and wheels, which you can spray with ant killer mixed with some soap (helps it stick), and some ant bait in the trunk. If you have a yard, maybe spray the yard. If you keep garbage next to your car, remove it.
ur not the only one :p

i found many ants in my car too...

they were on the dashboard - right side..
they were 'red ants'

i do park in gravel roads rarely... however there are tons of trees and falling leaves and other stuff in my uni.
What the hell!!!! I found this thread by accident. Mine has the same problem.
I noticed around the A Pillars, and it seems to be more around the front windshield outside, where the vent meets the hood.
I was around all the crevices and spray "insect removal at Home Depot" into all crevices. It has been one week and works great, but I still saw several crawling on my dash.
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