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any body thought about this??

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KSport Air Suspension Versa/Cube

0 - 200 mm height difference....converts to 7.8 inches....would be pretty awesome for a show car. raise it up for riding around then slam it for some sweet looks
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I agree, it would be great for shows but for that price I could get a good set of coilovers and struts and slam/raise it myself...and still have some cash to play with.
i agree to.. its way to much money... im prob still get me one i hate raise the car for winter and lowering it for summer.. im lazy =)
this is true but i dont think youd have the same range of travel with coilovers vs the air
I was just googling this a few days ago. some sweet lexus' and other cars with their kits, but didn't see any versas. could probably get lower with a good hydraulic install.

I would have to see a versa with this kit before buying one to see how low it goes
go through some of these install threads for some sweet hydraulic setups on random cars/trucks

Street Source - Forum - Hydraulic Suspensions - Page 1
i looked up the air ride on other cars and it dropped em to the ground
Yea my versa really doesn't make that much miles. Only when I go to shows is when the miles are made but I just the coils not even a year. Everytime I buy something, something always come out better I hate that
hahah yeah i know what ya mean, ive only had my springs for about 3 months, right now i just wanna get my car fixed and waitin for the DC header. maybe next year ill look into somethin like this
I used to install bag kits, and they are really nice. You will not get to the ground without doing some mods to your wheel wells. This kit however, on some 19 or 20 inch wheels would be sick. I thought about it, but I am probably getting rid of the Versa soon so not gonna put that investment into it. Anyone else want them though and are pretty local, let me know I can help with the install.
i agree about the wheel wells, front ones wouldnt be too hard but the rear might be
I would just do a full coilover system, your money though!
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