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Any meets in orlando?

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Any meets in orlando? I'm new to the forum and looking to meeting members.
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Im in the orlando area, if there are more ppl willing to meet im sure a meet can be scheduled.
I have a accord also and we use to meet every saturday.I was thinking we could maybe start meeting up like once a month and stuff.Im looking to hang out with some new people and im looking to get a few parts for my car and i need to know where i can find the parts.
Anybody down anytime soon?
homero89 and silverversa407 I'm in Tampa so yeah, we can start a meet. And flversa is in Orlando as well so he'd be willing to meet too.
homero89- sorry I haven't been on NVF in God knows when lol. But yeah I go to UCF. We should have a meet. Just let me know when ever free
Hey guys i was thinking maybe we could have a meet in orlando, FL or in Daytona beach ,FL. Just throwing out idea's i don't know if anyone is interested.
Well guys i had a idea.How about we meet tomorrow night around 9:30pm-10:00pm on 10-1-11.We could meet in the parking lot next to sonics off of 436 and 408.There usually isnt anyone who bothers you when you hang out there.
That would be great but it's my dad's birthday so I have plans. :(
Anyone available during the day?
Bump, let's get this central florida crew started guys. Ready to meet more Versa owners and keep learning about our cars.
Bump...anyone down to meet on Thanksgiving week?
Wow iv ad a thread up for 2 days about a meet and greet, I love my hr 16, had mentioned lakeland as a meeting point for everyone to kinda meet half way. I think thats a good idea, anyone agree.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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