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Any meets near Columbia, SC?

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Are there any car shows/meets near or around South Carolina? Any help is appreciated!!! Thank you all.
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We've had a charlotte nc meet before. I realize its a couple hours away though
We need to meet up I would go
Well if we can get everyone together I'd like to have another meet
Well lets get this going lol where would we meet and when. I'm down but not looking to go way to far away charlotte or so would be good maybe a bit further if we get like 3 or more in on this.
Well last time there were 4 or 5 so if we can get them and you 2 thatd be cool. When? Sundays would work best here.
It would have to be in a month or two got to save up the money and me and my famly are moving in the next few weeks. But saturdays or sundays would be best.
i live in greenville sc my versa is stcok sedan so idk if that would still be fine
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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