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Anyone from Alberta, Canada cruising around here?

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Is there anyone from Alberta that would be interested in a meet & greet? :)
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There's two of us now.
Well... Soon. When I take delivery.
Yep, I'm NW of Calgary. :cheers2:
Glad to see more Canadian members :) make sure to post up pics of your meets guys!
We are all over.
Nice to meet you fellow enthusiasts.
I would be down to have one. I'm up near Edmonton area.
Lets do a meet half way if we get something going? Such as Red Deer??
Yep, I'm west of Edmonton.
Anyone still interested in doing an Alberta meet? The weather seems pretty promising now. It would be definitely fun if we can get something going!
I'm good to go for an Alberta meet anytime after April 20th. I'm up near Edmonton but I don't mind a little road trip.
I think Red Deer would be a suitable location to meet. So far it seems like it is just us two..
Red Deer works for me. It looks like it. Hopefully we can get at least a couple more.
Add one more

in Edmonton....where do you guys get your After Market stuff from . ?

I swerve the bombed out roads in the Edmonton area :laugh:
Down to meet up.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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