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This stranger on Omegle and I we're discussing questions and I was curious; if what we postulated was correct; Does it take 2587 miles to stop if you're traveling at the speed of light?

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Question to discuss:
What happens if you are in a car moving at the speed of light and you turn on the blinkers? Inb4 objects with mass can't move at the speed of light
Stranger: uh, nothing
You: i'd imagine the bulbs would turn on..but would project no beam
Stranger: the speed of light isn't affected by an internal process so long as its still aerodynamic
Stranger: ooo, good catch
Stranger: because its already moving the the speed of light therefore the light couldn't be broadcast
You: A better question would be how long would it take to stop at the speed of light
Stranger: depends on how good the brakes are
Stranger: ;)
You: Lock them up you'll definitely lose the tires..i'm thinking about 45 seconds on new brakes and new tires, just 2wd vehicle.
You: but that guess is just poking in the dark honestly.
Stranger: fair
Stranger: but it also depends if it comes to a stop gradually or if then from that how fast it can slow down without flipping
Stranger: or if they're antilock brakes or standard
Stranger: or probably it makes no difference because of the sheer speed
You: whats the speed of light, about 300 million meters per second?
Stranger: around there
Stranger: if you round up
Stranger: haha
You: According to Google's calculator, 300,000,000 m/s is 671,080,888 mph
Stranger: I never thought I'd talk about physics on omegle
You: and at 65, it's about 320 feet
You: You're not the only one
You: so, i've been out of school a while, but..320/65 then the mph/ that?
Stranger: uh
Stranger: 65 what?
Stranger: feet per second?
You: 65 miles per hour
You: converted it over
Stranger: what is the 320 feet for?
You: the average stopping speed at 65 miles per hour
You: if that's would take you 2587 miles to stop, and I say the rate of deceleration is too unpredictable to say how long it would take. How about you?
You have lost connection.
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