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Anyone here running the lightweight flywheel?

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Anyone running the new lightweight flywheel that Versaspeed has? I noticed the flywheel on the Versa is damn heavy, i had to do a clutch job on one once, but i remember when i first drove a 6 speed Versa i noticed how crappy the throttle response was, at the time i was new to drive by wire throttle body's so just chalked poor throttle response as a side effect of drive by wire. Rev matching in my own Versa, as i usually do for a downshift i noticed how the throttle response is so poor i have to literally floor the pedal for a milisecond to get the revs up.

So for anyone running this, did you get the "locked in" precise feel when rev matching or aggressively shifting back?
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I still have original flywheel but I sure noticed the lackadaisy-cal throttle response after owning 01 sentra 1.8 manual. I chalked it up to throttle programming. Hmmm maybe I'll try the light flywheel if I upgrade to mr20 ;)
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That's when i plan to put it in, when i put an MR20 in it.
Any atualization on the tread? Im thinking to put the lightwheight flywheel on my b16 2.0l sentra
Lightweight flywheels are only for track vehicles. The small engines these cars come with need the heavier flywheel to move the car off a stop without killing the engine. Light flywheel makes engine try to die much easier.

You guys instead of just copying what everybody else does should start understanding WHY you do a thing.
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