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anyone in south texas?

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This hasnt been touched in years I see..
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Hey I'm in south texas . Corpus to be exact
Katy, TX.

^^^ I go to that area lot my girlfriend lives in Richmond Tx lol
Come meet me in Lake Charles for some Autocross. I travel there from Lafayette, LA.
Would love to in the future. Right now trying to spend all my time working to get my project car going.

Been watching this forum for a couple of days now. Not really active it seems.
It comes and goes but there's some dedicated members. Also be sure to check out he Versa Tiida Owners group on Facebook.
East Houston here with 2015 sedan sv. I'd be up for a versa meet if a few people are up to it. I've done a few things to my car.
What about Beaumont?
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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