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Anyone install Factory Accessory Fog Light Kit on their Note?

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I researched the installation of the Factory Fog Light Kit PN 999L1-4Z000 for a Versa Note and it appears to be fairly straight forward although I have one question.

Does the body computer need to be reprogrammed to allow the proper operation of the fog lamps once the installation is complete? The installation instructions PDF does not mention it but it shows a schematic that the wiring goes through the body computer module.

A while ago I installed a similar kit on my Jeep and that required a dealer reprogram to enable the fog lamps to function.
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Are the Nissan Note fog lamps tied in with the headlights?

Since our Note will be a commuter along the I-5 in San Diego, there's a great potential for fog so this thread has been really, really helpful!

Question is: Can the fogs be turned-on independently of the headlights?

I drove a friend's E-series Mercedes Benz that the fogs had a switch that went on no matter what the headlights were doing. My Subarus only let them turn on when the headlights were on.

If they're independent of the headlights, I could see the dual purpose of using them as a pseudo DRL.
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