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Anyone install Factory Accessory Fog Light Kit on their Note?

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I researched the installation of the Factory Fog Light Kit PN 999L1-4Z000 for a Versa Note and it appears to be fairly straight forward although I have one question.

Does the body computer need to be reprogrammed to allow the proper operation of the fog lamps once the installation is complete? The installation instructions PDF does not mention it but it shows a schematic that the wiring goes through the body computer module.

A while ago I installed a similar kit on my Jeep and that required a dealer reprogram to enable the fog lamps to function.
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So I tried once to install the fog light kit and was not able to finish cause I could not find the wiring that is suppose to exist to plug into. Time has passed and I never have time so on my wife last free oil change for her 2015 Note SV I haggled with them to install the kit for me.
They informed me that the 2015 SV is not pre wired so they could not do it.
Can anyone back this up please?
Same thing with me. Last trip into the dealer ship I asked about the fog light set and they told me it couldn't be installed because the SV was not wired for fog lights. Looks like I'm gonna have to pull my grill off and get my lazy butt down there and look.
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