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Anyone install Factory Accessory Fog Light Kit on their Note?

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I researched the installation of the Factory Fog Light Kit PN 999L1-4Z000 for a Versa Note and it appears to be fairly straight forward although I have one question.

Does the body computer need to be reprogrammed to allow the proper operation of the fog lamps once the installation is complete? The installation instructions PDF does not mention it but it shows a schematic that the wiring goes through the body computer module.

A while ago I installed a similar kit on my Jeep and that required a dealer reprogram to enable the fog lamps to function.
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Reading and digesting all these hurdles folks seem to be encountering on this particular install only stiffens my fortitude to accomplish this task, come hell or high water, lol.
Mine shipped out today, heading my way, so I reckon' I'll get my chance to "swing the bat" next week sometime.
This is my wifes' car, and hoping it goes smoothly. If not, I suppose she might need to fire up our John Deere to get to work. :grin
I got busy with other things so I was not able to order the fog lamp kit yet however, I saw it being sold for less than $200 + shipping at which is actually a Nissan dealer in Texas.

According to this instructions:
the kit (with the part number I noted earlier) contains everything needed to install.

I'll let you know if I finally get to it!
Thanks for the PDF you provided jas32.
I ordered my kit from Tasco 3 days ago, and received notification from the USPS tracking to expect receiving it tday.
That was fast, imo, from Rhode Island to North Carolina !!! :smile
I am started on this project right now. I had to take a break due to the frustration of all of the plastic crap. I haven't even gotten the top radiator cover off yet. Each time I try to pull it off, it feels like there's too much tension and it feels like the damned plastic tabs are going to break. I may abandon this project, as it's going to be more expensive when/if I start busting plastic tabs. This should be such a simple task, but all of the plastic nonsense is making this way more difficult than it needs to be. :mad5:
I feel your pain, now.
Took me almost an hour to remove the top rad cover carefully, and this grille with the Nissan emblem is a booger-bear. :frown
Well, long story made short, I took the front of my wifes' 2015 Versa Note Plus apart, and sure enough, no connector wired for the "plug & play" on those fog light kits.
Not to worry, where there's a will, there's a way.
I took the harness that came in the kit and modified it, snipping off the OEM connector that would normally just click right on to the empty receiving end of the factory bundle behind the driver side headlight and attached an aftermarket plug.
This allows me to run from the other mating side of that plug to a ground source and the hot side (black wire) to a 20A fuse, and from there tie into the ignition wiring.
This automatically turns on the fog lights when the engine is running and allows the fog lights to act as DRL's (daytime running lights) also.
I'm thinking I'll get the opportunity to install this kit, with mods to the kit harness tomorrow.
I'll be sure to take some pics and post them for reference in case anyone else decides to go this same route.
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OK folks, here's the final results of the fog light install on my wifes' 2015 Nissan Versa Plus model.
All told, it was about a 4 hour project, as I was taking the time to carefully remove everything without breaking anything.
I have the benefit of having a 6,000 pound vehicle lift in my shop to help make things a bit easier also.
Before raising it on the lift, I opened the hood, found the fusebox compartment ( all the way towards the driver side firewall, found the ignition wire, a small red wire ) using a test light to make sure it only energized with car running, tied into that wire using a "clamp style" electrical piggybank, ran 3' of loose wire from that point, to tie into the modified harness and a 20A fuse before the actual kit harness.
Raised the car up, took the wheels off to gain less restricted movement to remove a bunch of push-clips and #20 torx screws about 3/4 of the way from the front of the car towards the rear, pulled the fenderwell guard back out of the way, installed the brackets that house the lights, installed the lights connected the kit harness, zip-tied the enclosed wiring tight to the car and out of the way of anything that moves, buttoned her back up, lowered he car and completed the tie-in from the loose wire I had left running to the ignition, covered the new wiring with the same corrugated plastic wire cover all manufacturers use (bought a roll at auto parts store), cranked her up and verified new fog lights, and all existing lighting worked properly, and called it a day.
I'll install the new stalk with the intermittent wiper feature later today and test it to be sure the computer picked up the signal.
I'll keep you all posted if the new "stalk" works as it should on this particular "Plus model".
Meanwhile, here's a pic of the end result. Enjoy!
P.S. Thanks go out to jas32 for suggesting using the ignition tie-in.


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