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Anyone install Factory Accessory Fog Light Kit on their Note?

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I researched the installation of the Factory Fog Light Kit PN 999L1-4Z000 for a Versa Note and it appears to be fairly straight forward although I have one question.

Does the body computer need to be reprogrammed to allow the proper operation of the fog lamps once the installation is complete? The installation instructions PDF does not mention it but it shows a schematic that the wiring goes through the body computer module.

A while ago I installed a similar kit on my Jeep and that required a dealer reprogram to enable the fog lamps to function.
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I have a 2015 Note SV, with the upgraded interior and radio backup camera etc. As far as I know its the SV. From the factory, only the Sr and SL have fog lights.

I bought the Kit for 50$ from Tasca Parts FOG LIGHTS for 2014 Nissan Versa|999L1-4Z000

I followed the PDF instructions from Nissan. The interior steering column levers were really easy. I did not even disconnect the battery. The levers came with the upgraded variable wipers.

Removing the front grill was slow and painful but if you are consistent you can do it. Its all clip on, but also structurally a car, so dont expect ti to come off so easy.

The firs thing was removing the front cover. The top has 5 press on clips which are easy. The stick your hand and find the place where the cover meets the grill. the tabs are held in by the bottom grill in a lock type configuration. Just use a tiny screw driver or something ( use your imagination) and pull on the cover tabs. The tabs clip "downwards" so the come off upwards. And the force to unclip them should be to the back of the car. so use your fingers or some metal object to forcefully pull them back, while pulling the cover upwards. The problem is the grill has another tab right there, which prevent the cover tabs from moving back. Look at them, inspect them and do your best.

The grill is another story on its own. Remove the little clips on the side by the "service holes" and flat head screw driver. then remove the radiator black plastic cover for better access. The grill tabs go in to the back, and come out "front wards" but they clip on "downwards". So in order to disengage the clip you must press the clip tooth "upwards" while pulling the grill to the front of the car. these tabs are much bigger and softer material than the top cover, so you can stick your hand in there and blindly feel the tab. Push the center of the tab upwards, then pull the grill to the front. The tabs clip on to the bumper. In the center, the bumper has 2 black press on clips, remove these and under that piece of bumper you will find 2 more clips for the front grill. Also keep in mind that the grill is slightly larger than the clearance of the headlights, so they will kind of jam. Easily bend the grill to squeeze it out in between them.

On the right side, there is another radiator panel, which is more difficult to remove and install back, but I think it is necessary to work on it. As a previous member pointed out, it is a lot easier to remove the tire for better access. both from the side as well as lifting the car and working underneath. ALWAYS SECURE THE CAR WHEN GOING UNDERNEATH!!!

After all this work you find out that if you have a 2015 Note, you're fucked. Yes you are. You see I woke up today on my saturday at 8am and diligently ate breakfast and coffee then got out on Florida's 99deg Fahrenheit(i have a thermostat on the garage) to work on this, 4hrs later, I also ended up removing the driver side headlight for better access as well as the battery.

I checked the entire harness, every single corner. Then I took come of the tape from the wire loom and counted the wires and colors, and traced them to their locations. I removed the intake too. I traced every wire to every fuse. Thats when I realized there was no Fog Light Fuse. there is no fuse and the fuse place doesnt have contacts either. So if you place a fuse, the current goes nowhere because there is no wire. I also opened up the Relay box, which contains the Fog light relay and fan relays. There was 2 relays, as per description, However, the wires coming out the "fog lights" relay were FAR TOO SMALL to take any significant current. I'm a electronic Technician of 8 yrs, And about to finish my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering. I know what I'm talking about. I also tried to turn on the fog lights, and feeling the relay. nothing. NADA.

No fuse, No wires, No Relay, No connector. Nissan decided to Fuck everyone who doesnt pay up for 1 fuse 1 relays and 10 ft of wire. Sorry but I dont think you will find it if you have a 2015 model. I spent 7 hrs today and never found it. The circuit doesnt exist.

So whats next? I can wire them to the headlights with a relay so they run all the time with headlights.....But what about that cute switch in the signal lever?...well I managed to open the old combination switch ( the levers) and saw that the connection for the fog lights exist inside even when the switch is not there. Also the time delay wiper circuit resides inside this box, not outside.

So I will find which pin from the connector send the signal to turn on the relay. If the cable exist, follow the cable possibly to the control module. then either bypass it with a relay to the fog lights, or find the out wire of the control module. either way. they're going in!!!
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