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APLPIX: 2008 Versa S

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I did some shopping today. Landed the deal of deals!

17" SE-R rims with 215/45ZR17 BFG g-Force tires, for $400! They all got curb rash and scuffs but I'm gonna get them powder coated. Dunno whether to do gloss white or matte bronze.

Then I upgraded to a new 12" Audiobahn sub and bandpass box for $40. Hits hard and smooth.

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Dang, they look sexy.
I concur. I love those wheels. I wish I had bought a set when I had the chance..
I just found a set at a wrecker close by. It's all about what the wreck was. The sentra I found got destroyed in the front, which mangled the engine bay, but the wheels are all good. If the car got T-boned, the wheels are probably gonna be messed up, but if its a front or rear impact, theres a chance it'll be alright.

Found this beauty at a wrecking yard through

It's gonna give me its wheels :)

If the manager ever picks up his phone that is... -_-
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Plazek? Dominion?
wtf? confused face..

I used to find it. You can search by year make and model and then select any parts you want. Its a pretty good search tool. You can sort by price, distance and condition.
I doubt there's much of a difference between the 02-03 wheels and the 04-06 ones, but i will definitely weigh them when I get them next week
Love it. I almost went with the plasti-dip route, but thought painting it would look nicer. (its cheaper too) I cant find plasti-dip local, so i'd have to order it for $12 a can
I've never really been a fan of shift boots. They look kinda ugly IMO, but to each his own
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