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APLPIX: 2008 Versa S

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I did some shopping today. Landed the deal of deals!

17" SE-R rims with 215/45ZR17 BFG g-Force tires, for $400! They all got curb rash and scuffs but I'm gonna get them powder coated. Dunno whether to do gloss white or matte bronze.

Then I upgraded to a new 12" Audiobahn sub and bandpass box for $40. Hits hard and smooth.

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Nice deals. How about satin white on the SE-Rs?
^^^ Sounds good. I've been thinking about painting mine as well...I'm thinking about matte black, like Promiseland did with his SE-R alloys.
They're gonna be painted bronze.
Good choice. :thumb2:
Looking good. Are they bronze?
Sweet. Get the fogs too. :D
I painted the center console, dash, and steering wheel with red Plasti Dip. Gonna finish the driver side vent tonight.

Looks good. You wanna trade shifter trims(silver trim around the shifter)??? :D
Hmmm I guess the base of the manual shifter looks similar to the auto...I wonder if it's possible to do a shift boot on the auto (over the whole thing, or just in the well not where the RNDL are...)
Should be able to. They look like they're about the same size.
Looks good. What kind of wing is that?
1 - 8 of 82 Posts
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