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APLPIX: 2008 Versa S

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I did some shopping today. Landed the deal of deals!

17" SE-R rims with 215/45ZR17 BFG g-Force tires, for $400! They all got curb rash and scuffs but I'm gonna get them powder coated. Dunno whether to do gloss white or matte bronze.

Then I upgraded to a new 12" Audiobahn sub and bandpass box for $40. Hits hard and smooth.

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Im hoping to find the 04-06 Spec V rims for winter.
When I was thinking of SE-R wheels for my car the wreckers in hamilton had 3 sets of those wheels if your looking for them :thumb2:
They were theft recoveries IIRC...

It was the wreckers on the side street across from home depot on centennial parkway. They are tied in with thorold auto parts I believe. This was about a year ago so I don't know what they have now.
wtf? confused face..
They are local wreckers to us.
1 - 3 of 82 Posts
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