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alright fellas, so you all know that the one thing the versas missing is a armrest/storage. of course, its got map pockets and a glovebox, but no space in the middle to put stuff

heres something i found:

Black Centre Console Armrest for 2012on Nissan Versa Sedan | eBay

has anyone every tried products from this seller? know if its cheap material? and also hows the price on this-- is it a good buy? thoughts, comments, leave em all

hv a nice day :]
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Mine (08) came with an armrest that flips up and opens to reveal a storage pocket, and it looks quite similar to that one ...

Is that the only one you could find on eBay? Does nissan sell one? It's worth a try though.
yea this is the only thing ifound. basically i just typed "nissan versa 2012" to see if theres anything new being made to help customize my versa, and this was one of the few worthwhile things that came up

you think its worth the price? it looks like its supposed to go into one of the cupholders, at least from looking at the base
I am worried about where the screws are going to go more?

I got two cup holders upfront that could compensate....
it might be to just attach the two peices together or to fix it it into the cupholder? yea the '12 sedans has like four cupholders up front.. one on each front door, and two in front of the shift knob.

i think where this goes, itd be in one of the two cupholders that are meant for the rear passengers. ha no one should be eating in the car anyway --;;
I ordered one that says it's for 2007-2011 Versas. I'm assuming the cup holders are about the same size. It's coming from Hong Kong so I won't know for a couple weeks.

The screws hold the two pieces together as far as I know.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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