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athikerguy4life: 1984 Honda V30 Magna

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Alright, so I bought this bike just a couple days ago for $300. I wasn't expecting all that much for the money I spent, and the P/O told me what he thought was wrong with it, but we all know what happens when you take the P/O at their word. So we towed the bike home on a trailer and today I started tearing into it.

First thing was that the battery was old and had leaked out a lot of its acid, so I ran down to the local bike dealer and got a new one. $65

And after replacing the battery:

She Lives! - YouTube

So she lives. At least I know theres nothing crazy wrong with it, minus the leaking fuel. Now its just a matter of stripping off parts that need to be replaced or refinished. Trying to be super careful about labeling and inventorying everything I take off the car. Plastic bags marked for all the nuts and bolts I've removed and boxes of parts.

Going to respray all the plastic trim. Probably a nice satin or flat black for most of it. The chrome is pealing on a bunch of pieces so that may get stripped off. Not sure what to do with it yet.

And that's it for now. Got a bunch of stuff taken off today. Gonna do a bit every couple days when I have the free time.

On a separate note, any know a good place to buy LED bulbs? Thinking about replacing all the turn signals and stop lamps with leds to update it a bit.
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Looks like the bike was kept in a heated garage and very little rust. Check ebay for the carb kits. Looks like there are some O rings, gaskets and needle valve and a CD I assume for taking it apart. Don't want to strip anything as I did see the complete carb was like $400 on ebay. Change the oil before you turn it over again. MIght want to hold off on the LED's until you get to know the electrical system. Keep it stock as much as possible and you will be able to turn a profit down the road.
you got a good winter project.
This bike is bone stock. First thing I'm gonna be upgrading is the fuse Panel-OEM panel uses the little glass tube fuses which are prone to breaking. Will swap out for mini fuses. All the wiring looks awesome on this bike. Way better than what I had with my RX-7 (coincidently the RX was the same year!). No chewed up wires or melting electrical tape. The only part I've found that I need to replace is the license plate bracket. Luckily parts for this bike are DIRT CHEAP. Got one on Ebay for less than $11 shipped. Lots of parts swap over between some of the other Honda bikes so maybe I'll be able to get some mad CBR or Shadow parts on there ;) Unfortunately there's not too much weight to be shed on this thing though. I was hoping to get some weight off and make it a bit faster but I'e only found maybe 5-10 lbs I can get rid of. I don;t wanna go and swap out parts for lighter versions either cause the cost will add up real quick and this is still a VERY budget oriented build.
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Bike looks awesome. Especially for $300!! I need to find me a deal like this.
Thanks! I was saying the same thing to myself when I bought it. I very much expected to have some thing be seriously wrong with the engine. The only thing I haven't checked is the tranny, but I don't forsee any issues with that.
I got the airbox off today. Came right out with a bit of pulling. Discovered 2 things.

1: I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure this isn't supposed to look like this:

I don't even know how that happens... It was patched with ELECTRICAL TAPE. somebody painted the whole thing black so it would be less noticeable I guess. Could this be why my carbs are gummed up? Some nasty dirty air got sucked in there? Possibly, but it's more likely from this:

I found enough rice and corn in there for a small meal. And let's not forget all the mouse s***. This is more than likely why my carbs are screwed up. They're full of produce! The mouse made a nice little home in the air filter. Definitely taking the carbs apart. Going to purchase a rebuild kit hopefully in the next couple weeks along with a new lower airbox I found on ebay. Anyways that was all I really got around too today. I have a nice little to do list building up now. haha
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Started some painting today. Still unsure of colors. Here's the before:

And after a few coats of satin black:

Didn't bother filling in the scratches with any body filler as most of them will be covered up by other pieces and I didn't want to spend extra hours on it when I have plenty of other things to do. Plus its not like this is a show bike or anything.
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This thread is relevant to my interests :thumbsup:

Looks like a fun project, and should be a fun ride when your done!

Didn't know you were into bikes Matt. I've got a 2009 BMW F800 GS, and recently added a 2011 Harley Street Glide to the stable as going 2 up with the girlfriend on the GS isn't really practical. Imagine 2 up on a dirtbike. Yeah, its like that. Had a 650GS that I wrecked earlier in the year. Also had a Triumph Street Triple but its just so hard not to ride one like a goon, so I had to get rid of it before I lost my license lol.
I am actively looking for a bike myself almost got one the other day but it would have been to much to get it back to road worthy but I hope to find a deal like you I want another bike so bad.
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