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Just wanted to know how life is with a Versa on coilovers. Did you buy a camber kit as well? Also I'm wondering how your driving habits have changed; do you make it over speed bumps and inclines? Have you seen any damage done to other components of the suspension (axles, joints, etc)?

I'm curious because my previous car was reeeaaallllyyyy low. It looked great but I had all sorts of problems including torn axles, worn out tires, and other suspension problems. Not to mention it was extremely difficult to drive daily considering I had to angle just about any incline.

I just want to know before I lower my Versa on coilovers that it should not have the same kind of issues. (I plan on lowering it about as much as the Ksports will go)

Btw here's a pic of my old car just to give you an idea:

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