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ATTN ILMV08: You've got competition!

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hahahaha thats awesome!
i do have to say...that is more decked out that your car ashley =P
Ashley's car is more clean plus she can beat that eventually.
It does have a lot more, but it looks too messy that way.

I did however get a few more HK things in the mail today :D
Lol @ the quad Hello Kitty's definitely
WOWOWOWOW! It looks completely way too busy and junky. It is quite admirable though!
Yeah, I agree it's too busy. Just a few or some things would be fine.
I do like the way they painted their side mirrors.

This car just has way too much going on. It's just way too cluttered for my liking. But it's still HK, so of course I love it :D
Just a few or some things would be fine.
You're kidding right?
Yeah, LOL... The decal on the rear windshield looks great though you have to admit! When you first glance at the picture, your eyes go straight to that, then creep towards the bottom where the exhausts are located. Eye catching!
......................the things people do :badidea: :ack2: :skep: :eek:ut:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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