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found something for yer car i donno if youve seen this before it was on micro image of all places
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Oh ya, I have seen it!

My brother's good friend (and our neighbour down the street) owns an Exhaust shop over here. He has installed exhausts for my brother (on previous cars) and fixed Chuckie numerous times for a low price.

My brother is finding out the cost to install this, and if it will fit ...
hahahaha thats awesome!!
it'd be the finishing touch!
Yes it would.
One teacher at the school I work at, asked me if I had a HK exhaust. Her daughter is a huge HK fan, and she told her daughter about my car. Her daughter instructed her to ask me if I had a "HK exhaust". LOL! The teacher said to me, 'I don't even know what that is, but my daughter was curious', lol.

Everyone keeps pointing it out to me. Must be a sign that I should get it!
Lol ... Problem is the exhaust is pretty much hidden right now ... AND there is no way I'm cutting into my bumper.

I'll have to see what our neighbour can do ...
why dont you try extending the tip lol
I could. I have to find out what the cost would be first. I don't want it if it's going to make
noise. I hate exhausts that make noise.
Oh that would so top it off though! Go on! Do it!
Lol ... I might, depends on the cost and what will be involved for them to install it.
If it is going to make ANY noise at all, then I don't want it. I hate cars w/ noisy exhausts.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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