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audio people

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My front driver and rear driver speakers pooped out on me it sounds pretty bad now :( and im looking to replace it but i dont know what to get... i need some recommendations :p
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Kenwood KFC-1682ie rated at 240watts peak power. They're three way speakers and I have them in all 4 doors.
thanks ill check it out... all the four doors have the same size speakers???
ahhhh you reply so fast forum addict :p
okie i found a great deal with this speakers 80 bucks for 4 :p so any other choices??? and i havent installed a speakers before im guessing its a cut splice twist wrap kind of thing???
okie no more suggestions?????
come to my house ill help you with the install.... gonna need to go to autozone to pick up the proper connectors and stuff like that....
i like infinity
I just JB welded 5.25" audiobahn speakers in there :D. There are some stupid plastic housings that have to come out with the stock speakers... how did yall combat that? I couldnt figure any other way to mount mine without drilling into the steel door.
hmmm i havent even open mine up but when we do ill see what youre talking about lol...
im taking the rockford 10s out today and 15s are going in lol im happy stuff in peru is cheap lol
Blaupunkt FTW. Very pricey though.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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