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Australian Tiida

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Hi Guys,

I am from Sydney-Australia.

I just bought a 2006 Black Tiida Sedan for my wife as an early Xmas present and she loves it.

My car is a Nissan X-Trail, so we're happy to stick with the Nissan brand, as the xtrail has been a very reliable car for me over the past 5 years.

Anyway, back to the Tiida, this little thing is like a small rocket, am pretty impressed with how it goes and love the handling of it for such a small sedan.

I'll be modifying it for my wife shortly and it will soon have the works ;)

Being a black sedan, it will soon have the spoiler and all the chrome bits attached to it.

For any Australian Tiida owners here, I have just started our very own Australian Nissan Tiida Club and all are welcome to drop by :thumbsup:

It can be found HERE

I run the Australian X-Trail Forum, so I thought it'll be appropriate to have a dedicated Australian Tiida site as well for all Aussie owners to share their experiences with one another.
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Another Aussie, welcome mate :)

Please though, don't go putting spoliers on her...... lol
Please though, don't go putting spoliers on her...... lol
Why not? :) I'm actually doing that tomorrow ;)

It's cool mate, everyone has their preferences, I am just not a spoiler guy, just ruins the 'flow' of the shape of most cars imo.

Make sure you post pics XD
I think it'll look OK on the sedan.
welcome to the site, i like the armrest you put in, be sure to post pics when the spoilers on

Hi Guys,

The spoiler is finally on :)

I reckon it looks awesome.

It has an LED brake light too.
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I must admit, not too shabby :)
It's not a Tiida spoiler, that is why it looks cool LOL ;) Thanks to Holden. hahahaha :)

I didn't want to fit the standard and boring lip spoiler than Nissan sells.
really? what Holden is it off?
Yeah, can't remember the model, they told me when they fitted it for me, but I forgot. Will ask them again next week.
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