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Went to the auto show today in Toronto ... Had a great time.

I could not believe how many people were checking out the Versa. They had three Versa models there ... the SL w/ sport & tech package in blue, the SL in the light blue colour, and a base sedan.

I sat in the Cube and have to say I love it ... It feels HUGE inside. I kind of wish it was out when I bought my Versa.

Here are some pics.

Me in the blue Versa w/ sport & tech package ... (exact same as my Versa)

Versa SL in baby blue. This one had some ugly wood interior trim, which looked really cheap.

Wood trim (not a fan of this)

White BASE Versa they had there:

Me in the Cube which I absolutely LOVE now :D

White Cube KROM edition.

Someone's GT-R:

Infiniti G37 w/ some funky paint job:

More to come :D
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Aw man, I was gonna go to the show today too, but my friends bailed on me :( Could've let me know yo lol
Ferrari :D

Bro & his g/f in the Matrix XRS:

Hyundai Genesis:



Mazda 3 GT: (This is a gorgeous blue colour)

More coming !!!!
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i love the new mazdas...everytime i see one when i'm driving it looks like its smiling at my lol
and i LOVE the paint job on that infiniti
GM Team Canada Edition cars:

This is the car I used to want (an Aveo5) ... I used to think it was cute. It is still cute, but way too small!!!!!!

Smart :D So cute and small.

This Kia Forte had a sweet sound system going ...

New Focus is actually nice. We all agreed that the new Fiesta is cheap. Almost like buying a Hyundai Accent.
Here's the new Focus (which looks great)

Had lunch afterwards across the street, and had a view of the CN Tower :D

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One thing I don't like about the new Mazda's is the smiling face :D
A few more pics:

They had a Blue SE-R and Blue Versa side by side ... just like our driveway (except ours are red): :D

SE-R ...

Interior of Cube ... GPS looks very small and cheap.

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new focus looks very large..
LUCKY! Our show was so small due to the blizzard! Nissan, Audi, BMW and a few others weren't able to make it. I love your pictures! I can smell the new car smell when I look at them :)
That's one thing I didn't notice was the new car smell. All I could smell was cleaning products. People were constantly cleaning the cars.

And the show was very large. It was in two different buildings.
Pretty much every company was there.
new focus looks very large..
Yes, it looks like an SUV now. It is HUGE!
And the new Taurus is completely redesigned and looks amazing. Ford has really stepped up the game and improved the looks.
However, the Fiesta. YUCK!
When you lift up the hatch all you see is the steel behind the seats. They don't even cover it up with fabric. The whole interior looks awfully cheap.
damn the new focus is HUGE... and damn I want that 2010 front grille
Lol ! Ya the new grille is nice ... but not really a necessity to have on my list. If I'm going to buy stuff for the V, it's stuff I don't already have. I would like the auto dimming rear-view mirror, but Nissan Canada doesn't sell it :(
I would like the auto dimming rear-view mirror, but Nissan Canada doesn't sell it :(
i really wanted that...then i got my windows tinted and it doesn't bother me so much anymore
Ya that's true, but I still wanted it.
I don't understand why we can never order the same things here :(
WOOO!! <3 the CN Tower. Went to Toronto around 4 years ago in highschool. Saw niagra falls, went to some MINDLESSLY LARGE shopping mall.. and of course the CN tower which was pretty damn cool. Not much to look at once youre up top though :/
The huge shopping mall is the EATON CENTRE. We took the subway from the show to the Eaton centre for a bit of shopping today.
Here is that Nissan vehicle I saw. It was cut in half to show how it was made.

Has a hydrogen tank.

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