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Automatic shifter swap

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Hey everyone, does anyone know if there's a way to change the shifter? Maybe into a Momo one? I've seen it done on fords and other cars...
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I do realize there's an O/c button (correct me if I'm wrong..) that is on the side of it. So if swapped that would have to go away. Unless theres an aftermarket piece that goes with that.. just a thought
Unfortunately I doubt there is any aftermarket shift knobs for our platform. People have painted theirs to make them custom but that's about all i've heard of this. It would be too much work to switch the knob because you have to adapt the button to put the tranny into gear and whatnot, and aftermarket shift knobs tend to not have the button on the side I don't think? plus the Overdrive button would be an issue as well. sorry buddy. go nova people though!
I removed the shift knob to paint it.

The internals are actually pretty complicated, so I don't see how a swap would be possible :/
I actually saw this video of yours a while back and was satisfied, meaning obviously I'm not going to swap but simply paint it sometime. I just wanted some change and thanks! You how-to's are great man!
Thanks! I try to vid all my mods/repairs. I figure if its something I want to do, someone else is gonna wanna do it at some point too.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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