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Hello all. I just purchased a 2009 Nissan Versa Hatchback 1.8S manual 6spd with 50k miles on it about two weeks ago.

I noticed that it seems to drive at higher RPMS than I've seen with other cars, and I want to know if other drivers are experiencing something similar. I typically change gears at around 2k RPMS, which seems to leave me with:
gear 1, 0-10mph
gear 2, 11-20mph
gear 3, 21-30mph
gear 4, 31-40mph
gear 5, 41-50mph
gear 6, 51+mph

After I'm in gear 6 and approaching around 70-75mph, my RPM seems to stay around 2.4k-3k (sometimes even as high as 3.4k).
Is there something wrong with my transmission or engine? It seems like I should be getting much higher speeds before going into the 3k RPM range. I also don't seem to get as great of gas mileage as I had hoped, it seems to be around 23-24mpg instead of the advertised 26/31mpg.
Has anybody else had this experience?
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