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Backup Camera Addition

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Hey there everyone I was just wondering if anybody has figured out how to run a backup camera on the 2012 Nissan versa Sedan? I ordered a little orbit camera that I want to drill into the black piece in between the license plate lights it looks pretty solid but I want to know if it can pop out and if anybody has worked on that trim piece above the license plate. It looks like it can pop out?

Another question is that fabric padding against the trunk there's these little black tabs does anybody know how to remove those from the trunk?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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I need a place to run the wiring.
If its the same black piece on my sentra, then yes it pops out. Thats where I added a rear camera as well. Thats where the orginal factory backup goes. But Versa isnt availble with backup camera (at least here in the US), so I wounder why Nissan did that......
I need a place to run the wiring.

I ran my wiring along the drivers side. Just remove the kick plates tuck the wire in, and the snap it back in place.:thumb2:
Photos below


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^^very cool!

Once I add my touchscreen headunit I hope to be doing this as well :)
Alright, So I finally did it!
It's installed and looks fantastic. I will add pictures later today. :)
I bought a little "orb" 360* Camera NTSC and Mirror Image off of ebay for 43.00
Its video wire is run through the plastic trim that is VERY easy to remove from the car.

PICS Sooon!! :)
Awsome, this is a really good modification.
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