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Bad Mileage

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I have 2008 - 1.6L versa.

I do not get good mileage compared to what is should be getting as of 1.6L nissan engine.

I usually try to drive around 100 kmph if im on highway.

I do some quick acceleration till i reach around 50 kmph... (not crossing 3000 rpm).... then continuing with gentle acceleration and then cruise at the desired speed...

i get around 8.2L/100 km at the best and an average of 9-10 L/100 km.....
which is much lower for a small car... (i know 2.4L cars getting this economy)
i expect 6 or 7 L/100 km....

what could i do to improve efficiency?
what is the most economical speeed for versa? [i get 2000 rpm for 80 kmph]
should i accelerate gently in lower speeds, or do a quick accelerate to reach the cruising speed quickly?

tips tips? =)
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Winter Blend of fuel is out now and has less energy in it which results in worse MPG then the summer blend of fuels.

Quick acceleration pours fuel into the motor and makes it work alot harder which destroys mpg.

Are you letting the car idle to warm up in the morning for awhile? If so you are getting 0 mpg.
Does idling my car for ten minutes before I drive it really burn that much fuel, though? With the CVT, good driving behaviour, and a broken-in engine, I feel that my 2012 Versa should be getting better mileage than HALF of what the company advertises.
That wastes a TON of fuel and money. Hence why I never let my car idle to warm up. I simply get in and "baby" it for a few miles to prevent excess wear before driving like normal.

A motor becomes its most efficient when it is warm and at the correct operating temperature. A cold motor is very inefficient and it takes longer to warm up idling then to start driving it.

You can't blame a company for false advertising when the product isn't being used as intended.
1 - 2 of 61 Posts
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