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Bad Mileage

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I have 2008 - 1.6L versa.

I do not get good mileage compared to what is should be getting as of 1.6L nissan engine.

I usually try to drive around 100 kmph if im on highway.

I do some quick acceleration till i reach around 50 kmph... (not crossing 3000 rpm).... then continuing with gentle acceleration and then cruise at the desired speed...

i get around 8.2L/100 km at the best and an average of 9-10 L/100 km.....
which is much lower for a small car... (i know 2.4L cars getting this economy)
i expect 6 or 7 L/100 km....

what could i do to improve efficiency?
what is the most economical speeed for versa? [i get 2000 rpm for 80 kmph]
should i accelerate gently in lower speeds, or do a quick accelerate to reach the cruising speed quickly?

tips tips? =)
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i just remembered all of a sudden...

How important is it change fuel filter?
I got 107K km on my odo, and i havent changed fuel filter.

Does fuel filter impact mileage?
Yes big time. I had a pick up that had dropped down from 15.5 to 13 mpg and had no power on hills. I change out out the fuel filter at 140k and it was like a new truck again.

A tune up in general may help. plugs, plug wires, air filter.
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