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Bad Mileage

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I have 2008 - 1.6L versa.

I do not get good mileage compared to what is should be getting as of 1.6L nissan engine.

I usually try to drive around 100 kmph if im on highway.

I do some quick acceleration till i reach around 50 kmph... (not crossing 3000 rpm).... then continuing with gentle acceleration and then cruise at the desired speed...

i get around 8.2L/100 km at the best and an average of 9-10 L/100 km.....
which is much lower for a small car... (i know 2.4L cars getting this economy)
i expect 6 or 7 L/100 km....

what could i do to improve efficiency?
what is the most economical speeed for versa? [i get 2000 rpm for 80 kmph]
should i accelerate gently in lower speeds, or do a quick accelerate to reach the cruising speed quickly?

tips tips? =)
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sounds like your mpgs should be better cuz you're doing everything right.
how many litres and km at fillup? which transmission?
i filled last night about 42L for about 595km= 40 miles per imperial gallon
low fuel light came on at about 580km
down a bit from lots of running around/short trips
i use synthetic oil too, tires 38 psi, lots of rural driving at 90km/h, not much city
i find 40+ psi too high, 38 just right:)
oil volume same for synthetic or conventional
hmmm yes 1.6L motor should give better mpgs, but not as good as new 2012+ sedans with cvts. i dont know if you can get 4 speed automatics any more
i believe fuel tank is 50L, i've put in 48L once:D
I know it's not as cold down here [coldest was -26] but i never let it idle to warm up.
Start it, scrape it, go. Try for a few fillups. Fuel/air mixture is extremely rich during cold idle, and won't warm up readily until the engine starts really working ie moving the car.
Make sure you're not low on oil first. Which transmission do you have?
I'm south of Hamilton, where ya from? Welcome!
I noticed also in my cvt Altima, it takes longer now for the cvt to warm up and the lockup torque convertor to activate, which allows the revs to drop.
When engine is idling in park, transmission is not warming up at all, and won't until it is driving.
Man it's cold in Timmins, gonna be -23C Mon and Tues nights, won't help the mpgs much.:(
Does the 2012 sedan have a real engine temperature gauge? Mine has idiot lights for cold and hot only. Engine will not be most economical until full operating temperature is reached. I go easy on er when my blue cold light is still lol:driving:
Will post my 2012 grand total fuel economy soon for V and Alty
So basically you guys are saying that this delay in my CVT is normal in cold weather, and that driving it while it is doing this is harmless - if not beneficial?.
Yes, that's been my experience.:thumb2: If the cvt craps out on my Altima while i treat it this way, i will surely let everyone know!
i calc 44mpg as well. don't know what it is in US gal though
according to the instantaneous readout in altima, about 60km/h, cvt
i would say #2, even when up to 140k, cuz you're in your most economical gear, covering the most miles per unit
Welcome versamack04!
I too was alarmed how high the revs are in sixth:driving:
I've found city driving is a killer, and so is anything above 110km/h.
Lots of factors can help a bit but the biggest one is easy on the go pedal.
Enjoy the nvf!
edit How cold is it out there? I had to scrape heavy frost Monday morning
Might be a bad O2 sensor, making your engine run rich.
Along these lines, is there a way to make engine run a bit lean?
Something crazy like insert a small resistor into the O2 sensor line, either series or parallel?
I always wondered if that was a viable experiment.
I assume very lean on fuel is bad for the engine.
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