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Bad reception with am/fm radio

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Hi Everyone, just purchased a used 2009 Versa in early march! I have been trying to work with dealership to fix problem, but no help!

The Fm/Am radio has extreamly poor reception, no matter where I am driving! I am only trying to listen to local stations, all of which came in clear on a 97 buick.

The dealership has checked all the connections and theyq are fine, but still no reception. If anyone has any ideas or has had similar issue your help would be greatly appreciated!!
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Replace the radio with a better unit. That's what I plan on doing with my radio.
ya mines brand new as well but gets staticy fm. Besides I thought most people use an mp3(unless yours deosnt)
The antenna has am amplifier and if it is not getting power when the radio is on, it doesnt work. The amp in the antenna may also be bad. If you have installed an aftermarket radio, make sure the new radio is supplying power to the antenna amp.
Skyflyer007 is correct; the versa has an active antenna that needs 12VDC power for the RF amplifier to work.

Frank 2009 Versa S sedan MT-6 with 44600 miles
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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