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2009 Nissan Versa 5DR Hatchback Blue
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Hello everyone! I bought a 2009 Nissan Versa 1.8L Hatchback as my first car about a month ago. It runs great and has all the service records with it. The suspension, exhaust, A/C, Battery, Radiator, and a few other things were recently replaced by the original owner. I’m starting to notice an oil leak and I’m pretty sure it’s the valve cover gasket but wanted to post on here before I go to the trouble of replacing it. Also, when at Idle, running the A/C bogs the car down quite a bit and I’ve checked the MAF, IAC, and Throttle. All of them are in good clean working order. Another thing, the original owner also had a coil replaced recently and when I was inspecting under the hood I realized that it doesn’t fit snuggly. I tried tightening the screw and it’s all the way tightened. Does it need a smaller bolt or is there a chance it’s not fitting right due to a bad valve cover gasket? Is the valve cover gasket bad and if it is, is there any thing else I should replace while I’m in there? Thanks in advance!

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