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I took my 09 versa SL into the mechanic and they looked at it for an alignment and when they came back they said both ball joints were needing replacement. When they took me to the bay they were able to wiggle the from tires to the left and right but not up and down (off the ground) and from my understanding it should actually gain movement up and down for a shot ball joint not the left and right. I later tried tightening the top shock bolt in the engine back as a hunch and when I did that the movement was gone. However about 2 weeks later that left and right motion is back.
I am wondering if anyone has had this and what I need to fix to get this safe. Is it just need a threadlocker on the bolt at the top of the shock? I was also a bit surprised that the torque in the shop manual is only 46ft/lbs for such a vibration heavy nut.
This issue is making the car hard to control at highway speeds as I'm constantly countering the tires which have a small amount of free movement that the road can adjust them in.
The movement is about 1 inch in total but the steering wheel is pretty quick to show the movement in the tire. Both driver and passenger tire are experiencing the exact same thing too which I find really odd.
All coils have had the recall completed on them years ago.
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