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Ball joint problem?

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Hey, couple days ago, I've been to costco tire service for tire rotation and balance.

the guy told me that I need FR Lower ball joint replacement, however my friends, who worked in garage told me, its fine.

My car is 09 versa and have been run 116000 Km, 73000 Miles.

As far as I know, usually the Lower ball joint need to be replaces after 100K miles, so I'm kind of ify at this point.

When I accelerate or break, I can feel the vibration on pedal, and floor.

Also can hear some weird noise and wheel vibration on curve when driving above 60 km or 35 miles.

Tried to push the tire without taking out or putting up on jack, and I think it moves a bit.

Is this ball joint problem?

and If it is, do I need to replace whole lower control arm and joints or is there way to replace ball joints only?
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What you're feeling is probably brake related... A worn lower ball joint won't do that. The lower ball joint in a McPherson strut setup is always going to be loaded because it supports all the sprung weight. Jack that corner of the vehicle up with your spare tire jack, enough for the tire to be fully off the ground, then grab your LCA (lower control arm) and shake up and down, feel for play. LCA's should have none, or undetectable amounts of play (the really proper way is to check play with a dial indicator). Either way, tolerable play for a LCA is in the thou's of an inch.
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