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barra: 2009 Tiida S

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When he arrived at home:

First upgrade, folding remote key:

DLAA fog kit, with wires, lamps, bezels, button, complete:

Without osram diadem:

With Osram Diadem:



Door protectors:

Chuck Norris WARNING:

More pics:

Non Slip pads:

K&N inbox:

Bumper protector

Radiator and oil cap by nismo + free badge



Nismo Badge:


Yellow bulbs on fogs:

Yellow bulb (Amarela):

Original bulb (Convencional):

Final Result:

New ups coming:

Scangauge II.

I bought an aftermarket splash guards, it's the same as the original one.

This seller is the one that i bougth my armrest.

Another thing that i bought is a muffler tip specialy made for versas:

Let's see if it will be nice at the car.

The itens didn't arrive yet, when it arrives i will take pictures of then.
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Looks awesome! I love the fogs. I might have to grab me some of those. Was install easy?
Dude, I was drooling right up until we got to the Nico decal.....Other than that its a beautiful car. I really like the door protectors. First ones I've seen actually that I cared for. Welcome to the forum and keep up the good work, just be sure to get that decal switched out. ;)
I didin't install my fogs, i took to an audio store to do the installation.

I don't know what's going on with the Nico people, can someone tell me please.

This door protectors are made in brazil and it's a high quality item.
I didin't install my fogs, i took to an audio store to do the installation.

I don't know what's going on with the Nico people, can someone tell me please.

This door protectors are made in brazil and it's a high quality item.
I have no issue with the NICO decal. Doesn't bother me none. I am a fan of the versa just like I am a fan of the sr20 engine. So I am on many versa and sr20 sites. I see no reason to choose one or the other.

What do you mean going on with the NICO people?
Sorry my bad english.

I want to know what happened in nico forum with some guys that are members in this forum? Some kind of fight?

I will use your words: "I am a fan of the versa .... So I am on many versa sites ...... I see no reason to choose one or the other."

Just want to know what happened there (nico) because i can see in some posts that something bothered members from here.

Nothing ever happened to me specifically. However, on this forum, people will not criticize you in a negative way. They are here to help you, and will do so in a much more friendly way. I just find it a much more pleasant atmosphere on this forum :)
This forum will only praise, help or recommend your Versa mods. NICO have a bad habit of flaming members who mod their Versa's, which is why there may be a little bit of negativity towards them.
I'm the right place, cause i like to help people, you can check my post on nico and you will see that i always try to help and never criticize. I don't speak english like a native but i'm learning since i bought my Tiida and begin to post on international forums.

When i wrote something wrong please correct me.


that's the beauty of the internet imo. I love that you can post on our forums and aren't afraid of English being your second language, I take my hat off to you my friend :)
Alright well since you said you dont mind help with your grammar... begin should be began and wrote should be write just using present tense instead of past tense but other then that man, you speak english better then some people imho.
Thanks guys, i'm 32 years old and i learned english when i was at second grade. Since there i never wrote in english, that's why i make some mistakes when i'm posting. I'm trying to do my best and i know i will get better each day.
doing pretty well man :) tip o' the hat aswell.
Thanks guys, i'm 32 years old.....
Another old boy like me in here eh? :p
I wish our versas had this front of yours, very nice.

Your wheels are just like i wanted to buy to my car, but the pavement here in Brazil don't allow.

I wanted to buy somo eibach springs but the tiida is already low to our conditions.

When i go out from my parking lot where the bumper touchs the ground a little, that's why i didn't change the springs yet.

What dou you do in Australia (work)?

I have some friends that lived there.

One of then is mechanical engineer and other one is agronomist and work in cotton fileds.

I'm agronomist and construction engineer.
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New up arrived today and i already installed.

Very easy to install in this place.

Scangauge II:

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In my tiida i put a eletronic module to close the windows when i turn on the alarm. In the other windows that are not auto, this module can up the windows with a single touch. But only up, to get down i have to hold the button.
I will try to do a video to explain better.
The module is this:

WOW! That is a cool feature! How did you do that?
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