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Base model 2 speaker system- adding rears?

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So I have the base CD player head unit with only the 2 front door speakers. I think the head unit will support rear speaker output because it has a digital fader. Does anyone know if the rear doors are wired for speakers or will I have to run wire?
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Id say they are there. Just pop off the door panel, and take a good look. If not, just get some wire, and route it from the radio to the door. Easy fix!
I thought I heard someone say their 2012 sedan wasnt prewired and they had to take it to a shop to get the back doors wired along with speakers. Im not sure though. Where are the 2012 sedan owners?
It's not prewired..I had to get mine wired and you have to splice them in with the front speakers because your head unit only has a connection for 2 speakers..ya it's really stupid but if you get an aftermarket head unit you'll be much happier
There you go stumbler. I was waiting for his reply. :thumbsup:
Would you really have to splice the front two wires at the radio? Would if you bought an OEM harness from, and plug it into the radio. that would give you four speaker wires, and then get another harness to plug into the the car harness and wire the right wires together. But I do agree on getting an an aftermarket radio. But this would be a cheaper way to go if you dont have the money. Prolly about $100 for both harness, speaker wire, and 2 speakers.
Yes that could work, but if you're going to do speaker upgrades to your car it'd be better to get a new head unit so they sound good anyways. Each has its pros and cons though. I put 4 new speakers in mine with a double din head unit for about 400.
$400? Is that including labor?
Yes, I have a lot of hook ups haha but you if you were to do it yourself and buy from amazon it's around that much.
I know, it's usually more than that. Speakers are around $200 and headunit around $500 so you got a hell of a deal. :thumbsup:
It depends on what kind of headunit, and setup. Mine was prolly $800+ in the Versa. I had a $400 pioneer headunit with added HD tuner, and backup camera. A 5 channel Boston amp, A pair of infinity 2 ways, and a pair of 2 way pioneer componets. Kicker sub, and im sure more than what I can think of. I carried the boston amp over with 4 pioneer 3 way 6X9s in the sentra, and used the factory Navi headunit. Everything else is on a tote, waiting for the next car to be used in, lol.
There has to be a way to use the stock head with four independent speakers. I have the S with just two also, and playing with the settings, it does have fade for front to rear, and also left to right, and you can mix and match the settings. Meaning you can set it to all front, all rear, front right, left rear, etc. Or does splicing the rears into the fronts still allow for this? Would the system recognize there are four speakers with just using two ports?
You could probably get an aftermarket wiring harness that allows you to add extra wiring to the factory harness. I would think it would be prewired but I guess manufacturers are trying to cut back to make cars more affordable. Mine was the other way around...all 4 speakers but no headunit. :shrug:
The base head unit tricks you into thinking you can add another two speakers into it but you can not..I've already taken mine apart and tried adding two more but it won't work
The base head unit tricks you into thinking you can add another two speakers into it but you can not..I've already taken mine apart andrea tried adding two more but it won't work
I haven't pulled the stock head unit out yet as I have just received my car as a fathers day gift and figured that I might get in trouble for taking a 2 mile test drive and dissecting it. LOL.

Did you notice if there were any empty pins on a connector or open connector port on the radio?
Damn! That was the question I needed answered and I was hoping for a much easier solution!! :(
It's still really easy, the head unit is crap anyways and I suggest replacing it (double din to make it clean) but if not just wire it into the wires from the front speakers, mine is almost a year old and it has had no problems. After you add the back speakers you'll love sitting in the back because I think it actually sounds better back there lol I plan to add 2 tweeters from the extra speaker wires from my head unit because everyone complains they only hear my subs in the back.
Hey, it's 2021, I was looking for information in this forum and all I got was "you can't add two rear speakers to your head unit", I have a 2015 versa sedan and I wanted to add two speakers, so I googled the head unit specs and found that it has 4 pins for the rear speakers. When pulling the stock head unit out I found that those 4 pins were empty so I tried connecting the speakers directly to the head unit (just by inserting the wires in the empty spaces of the harness) and it worked so I installed the rear speakers and wired then to the head unit once there I made the connection just by inserting the wires and stick them with tape to the others (black tape) and it worked. I added two kickers at the back doors and they sound great!.. In addition, the fade works well for the rear speakers, also the balance.. I posted this in order to help anyone else ...
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