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I have base model Versa 2013 sedan. It has no power window, or keyless entry. Its as base as it gets.

To my despair i found that it doesn't have trunk release inside cabin either. I was using my key to open the trunk but yesterday i put my key in the trunk but it won't insert even 2 cm, i looked in the keyhole with flashlight, i saw somekind of small spring poking out the hole, I thought that might be blocking the key entry, i pulled it with plier.

Still same issue, cannot insert key and trunk is locked.

I want to ask if i can access trunk by removing back seat. If so then how?
I took it to dealer, but they want to charge $139 just to look at it.
If i manage to open the trunk, i can change the cylinder myself.
Versa gurus, need some help.
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