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Battery dead car won't start

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I have a 2012 Versa and last week car did not start. I thought I left llights on or something band boosted the car. It drove fine for a few days and now it won't start again. I boosted it and it starts. I'm thinking the alternator is discharging the battery and would like to know from others if the alternator is a problem with the versa. The car was bought new in Oct 2012 and has 50,000 miles on it. I think it is out of warrantee after 36,000 am I correct?
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What can I expect when I take out the battery? Will the computer have to be reset or the radio will not work etc. Are there any theft devices that are installed to make the car radio useless? Can I change the car battery without having problems?
The only thing you will have to do when changing the battery is to reprogram your radio stations.

Why not just take to to Advance Auto or Autozone and get it tested for free?

I'm glad it is just the battery. I took it to Pep Boys and they tested the battery and told me that it needed to be replaced. It indicated 1/2 its rated power and fully charged. I'm buying a new battery and that will take care of it. The car has 50K and is 15 months old. I think it is out of warrantee and as I said I'm glad it is not the alternator which would have cost me four times the price. Tx for the post.
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Welcome to the forums. Sounds like a dead battery, hope it solves the issue.
Glad it was just the battery. Seems pretty quick for the battery to go bad though.
It has been very cold in NY lately...that may have been a contributing factor.
Car won't start

My 2008 Nissan Versa hatchback is having trouble starting. The battery charge is fine, but I cannot get the car to start w/o jumping it now. When I turn the key to start it, (or w/o for keyless) it appears like it will start but then it clicks. Jumping it works fine. Is it the battery, or something else?
Sounds like a bad cell in the battery. Holds up fine under light load, but can't under starting load.
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