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I know this is a small community right now but I'm hosting meet/BBQ at my house on June 13th. It will be full of car enthusiests and friends.

Bring parts to sell and swap, bring tools to work on cars, bring cleaning supplies to wash our cars, bring your girlfriends so mine isn't bored out of her mind. There is a basketball court about 1/4 mile down the road of some people want to get schooled by a chunky white boy.

Time: starting 11am- the sun goes down (then we go to the bar )

Place: my house in central CT. Zip is 06450 if you want to map it. If you are coming PM me for my address.

Why: get the NE crew together

Who: friends, strangers, car enthusiests

Let's get a list of people going and what your bringing/supplying.

1. Rob - grill, house, turkey burgers, more to be added later

*note this was copy pasted from my g20 forum so some things may seem out of place.

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Would love to come but I'm in Ohio :(
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