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best product to clean interior

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I have a 2012 hb and a 2012 sentra I did the interior of the sentra cleaned it with armor all for the dash door panels and after a while it started to look nasty instead of shiny black so I tried it on my versa did the same thing I hate the way it looks so I'm thinking maybe it's the product or the cheap plastic I keep hearing about lol but I was wondering what other product can be used to make it shine i also tried it on my 99 Yukon and it didn't do that any advice would be great thanks
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303 Aerospace protectant.

...and I always apply to a towel, then rub it into the vinyl.
this is what i use, and it's water based to top it off, so no greasy feeling left after clean up :D

Chemical Guys TVD_102_16 - New Car Shine Premium Dressing (16 oz)
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