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Best way to sell my Versa?

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Hey everyone,

So, I'm moving next month and will be able to get rid of one of my cars. My 09 Versa is the one I am looking to offload, but after wasting my time with the Autotrader used car marketplace I don't know where to turn next. I'm wondering if any of you have had success in selling on Craigslist or other services I like Carmax?

Basically, the autotrader service was a complete joke. I was quoted $7,900 after imputing in all the minor defects the car has, being a tiny paint chip on the hood, 2 very minor door dings (that can be removed using paintless dent repair) and a dime size piece of missing paint on the middle of the rear bumper from someone backing into me and driving off (thinking about slapping a bumper sticker over it, that way you would never notice until you pulled it off). So, I had to "verify" this offer and took it into an 'authorized dealer", and magically this $7,900 offer turned into a $5,400 offer. Yep, $5,400 because the car isn't "desirable" due to it being a 6 speed and all the "damage" that needs repaired (which was correctly imputed into autotrader, thus the offer of $7,900 I'm assuming), freaking LOVE how places talk down and make it appear that they are doing you a favor by offering you HALF what the car is selling for retail. I actually laughed, thinking this was a joke... I pulled up 2 2009 6 speed Versas on the dealership website before going in and one was selling for $10,800 and the other $10,600 respectively with the same package and 20,000 and 35,000 more miles than the one I'm looking to offload (mine has 22,800). After I refused their offer I walked the lot and saw both Versas, had more paint damage and dings than mine (minus the bumper paint damage).

So, I owe $7,800 and I am not looking to give the car away for less than what I owe, and realistically want to break even and not owe a car payment each month. What is a safe, fast, easy, and more importantly fair way to offload this thing? If I can make a couple hundred dollars and get $8,500 I would be extremely happy considering the car is an 09 with only 22,800 miles and has the remainder of a 100,000 mile Nissan "Gold" warranty.
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I would try craigslist. Here Kijiji is bigger than craigslist, and I have had pretty good success a few times selling cars on there. As long as you are prepared for lowballers and price it a little higher than what you want. Here I would think $8500 might be a little optimistic, but hey, if a dealer is selling them for 10k+ then maybe you can get $8500. GLWS.
I traded my 2009 Versa 6 Speed, bare bones. Into a dealer here in Florida and got $9,700 for it. CarMax offered $9,000 for it. My car no longer had a clean title either as it'd been rear-ended and of course had the bumper, plastic shell, rear hatch and drivers seat replaced. It was rear ended a second time and side swiped once (minor scratches). All professionally repaired and painted. Car looked and drove like new and had only 25,000 miles on it

Far from being undesirable it seems those cars are highly desirable at least here. I tracked my car on the dealers website after I sold it. It sat for about 3 or 4 weeks. They asked $14,000 for it (I paid $13,500 new out the door lol) and finally vanished off their site priced at around $12,500.

If I were you I'd spend some money on reconditioning the car. Get those dents/dings fixed and the paint chip covered and not with a bumper sticker. It makes a massive difference in the eyes of the buyer and the price they'll pay. I waxed my car, vacuumed inside and cleaned the all the plastics. I'd just put new tires on it too so I'm sure that helped keep the price up.
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Best way to sell your Versa: don't sell it.
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