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I have the one you are talking about. Yes it overlays over the bottom grille but i had to make some cuts to the back side of the black plastic grille (fins) due to the hardware they supply. The threaded rods they supply are not long enough to reach from the billet grille to the flat bars they attach to. I marked where the (flat bars) would touch the back side of the plastic stock grille (i call them fins) and had to cut out enough material off (back side of grille fins)so the threaded rods would go enough inside the flat bars so i could attach the supplied nuts. I did all this laying on the ground so i didn't have to take the whole bumper assembly off the car. (lazy i guess, lol) Hope this helps. Mine looks awesome and i painted the polished edge black to go with my blacked out paint scheme. Oh yea mine is a 2011. Don't know if that makes a difference but it shows that it will probably work on all year Versa's. I sent a message to the seller if it would work on a 2011 and they weren't sure but said if it didn't work they would refund my money.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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