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Hey Versa people,

Everybody on this forum seems like that they not only enjoy their Versas, but they wish to modify their cars to their likings. Kudos. It looks like I found a new home. I just bought a super black 09 1.8S sedan. I had to get the S because I wanted a standard. I do not like driving autos or the new CVT's. I had the dealership put in an armrest, 20 color interior accent lighting, and an aftermarket spoiler. I am not sure if the spoiler is aftermarket or a Nissan part from another vehicle. Nonetheless, it looks pretty cool. I just put a Fujita CAI and am running with Royal Purple. Much, much more mods to come.

Bio :seeya:
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Hey mate, welcome to our humble, quiet little neck of the woods!

Got any pics of your ride? I wanna see that spoiler ;)
I'll take some pics this weekend and post them. Need to start the transformation anyways... :65:
welcome to the site, enjoy its been a little slow lately but i am sure it will eventually pick up, sounds like you got a good start already


I would love to see that spoiler i plan on adding one this spring, just not sure which one yet.
Here is my 08 Nissan Versa SL:

My V was one of 1000 feature Nissan's onthe cover of Nissan Sport Magazine.
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Welcome Bro, I hope you enjoy your stay here. Have fun with Versa and keep us update with your transformation.

It looks like you have a good start with the sport package.:thumbsup:
Thank you ATX_Versa, I love my V and will mod it after my 100k warranty expires.
Whoa!?!? 100K!?!?!:shocked:

How long do you think it will take you to get to 100K?

At this rate it would take me 9 years!
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