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black or white rim ?????????????

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i need some help should i do my stock rims flat black or flat white its on a blue hatch ? what you guys think ?
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I think black. I had white wheels on a black Cavalier and got tired of them pretty quick. They get some kind of film that just doesn't want to come off. Just my opinion..
I would go flat black. I had bad experience with flat white on my old Integra. Simple scratches and dirt tend to show up easier
I'd go black ! It looks cleaner than white !
plasti dip flat black rims

here the stock rims on my 08 with flat black plasti dip


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Very nice!!! Black wheels are IT!!!
Looks great. I've thought about doing the same with mine. How many cans of PlastiDip did you use?

How about painting your calipers blue to match your V?
Black always looks great! I did it for my car too back when I had hubcaps haha moved onto 18's now :p

when I painted them with actual spray paint, I used high heat primer for 2 layers and high heat satin black spray paint for another 2 layers.
Used 1 can of each, and definitely cut it close since I had to stretch the final coat out. Go with 2 cans and you'll be fine.
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thx! everyone on the comments ! it took a can and a half . i like the idea of making the calipers blue
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