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Ok guys, I’m brand new here. I drive a 2016 bone stock w/ standard trans.

Clutch went out with about 60k on the odometer. Replaced with new clutch kit that included new disc, pressure plate and slave.

Halfway through the job, a friend helping me a accidentally began pumping the clutch pedal while the clutch line was disconnected from the slave cylinder and just hanging there. This forced all fluid out of the system, while seemingly filling it with air....

Now the job is finished, and I can’t get any fluId flowing through the clutch line. Tried having a friend pump the clutch pedal, while I opened/closed the bleeder valve at the slave cylinder for about an hour with no luck. Also tried one of those hand pump vacuum bleeders with no luck either.

Has anyone else had a similar issue? Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks
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