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Blower motor issues

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I need to remove my blower motor from my 07 Versa to clean out a rodent nest but I can't get it out. I got the plastic cap off and unplugged the blower motor, but it doesn't want to come out. A previous thread mentioned that it should simply rotate out counter clockwise but it not happening. Any advice would be welcomed and appreciated.
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YOu should list your vehicle in your profile or at least tell us in your post.

assuming you have a C11 versa or older one your answer is here on pg 62.

1. Remove instrument panel and pad. Refer to
IP-11, "
Component Parts
2. Remove side ventilator duct (right). Refer to
MTC-69, "
Removal and Installation
3. Disconnect blower motor connector (1).
4. Push the flange holding hook (A) toward the blower motor (2),
then rotate the blower motor (2) clockwise and remove it from
the A/C unit assembly.
Ok thank you. I finally got it out and it ended up being a small candy wrapper that was in the blower blades. It suprised me that such a small wrapper can make such a loud vibrating noise with the AC on. The problem I was having getting the blower motor out was that I attempting to take out only the motor portion, not realizing the entire plastic casing around the blower motor came out. Once I pushed on the plastic tab on the top right of the blower motor, I was able to turn clockwise and pull it right out (with some wiggling around the other parts to get it completely out from under the dash).
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