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Blower motor replacement

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Hi All.
My blower motor (2008 nissan versa) is running to his last days. Some times we have to kick the glove box in order to make it work.
I have just purchased a new blower motor on ebay, can any one help me with instructions\video on how to replace it ?
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Job done !

O.K Job is done :) :) wasn't very complicated though there is a very tight space to pull the unit out.
The fan blower is actually behind the center console. After disassembling the glove box , the unit can be seen on the left hand side. In order to take it apart, just plug out the power cable and rotate the unit count clock wise. Any one knows how can I add pictures from my computer to this post ?
Welcome yairs!
I upload my pics to photobucket, then copy the image code into a new post. Can also use flikr and others.
I use youtube for my videos.
Love to see the pics!
Im just about to do the same as you for the same problem. Hopefully it will be as easy.
Managed to get the glove box off, locate the blower motor and remove the cable but I cant seem to just rotate it to get it out.

Any advice?

Would i need to remove the screw in this picture?
I know this thread is old, but hoping I can get some help. I am having the same problem getting my blower motor out. I'm at the same place that sammo034 left off in his previous post. I got the plastic cap off and unplugged the blower motor, but it does not rotate out. Any advice would be welcomed and appreciated.
I finally got it out. The problem I was having getting the blower motor out was that I attempting to take out only the motor portion, not realizing the entire plastic casing around the blower motor came out. Once I pushed on the plastic tab on the top right of the blower motor, I was able to turn clockwise and pull it right out (with some wiggling around the other parts to get it completely out from under the dash).
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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