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Prognosis.. Car fan blower only high, or nothing.
Fix? %99.9 the resistor.
Where is it on a Nissan Versa? In the stupidest, tightest spot ever! Up under drivers console, next to brake / fuel peddle bracket. Is there a tool small enough to fit in to remove stupid Phillips head screw? ( stupid cause it requires 90° of turn, only 60° available)
So... Enguiniety, a 1/4 ratcheting wrench, that only needs 5° of turn, a spot weld on a driver bit so it don't slide through other side. PERFECT!!
But ofcourse im part of the .1% and that did not fix it... URGH!
Left with busted knuckels, $60 down the drain, and still no lower settings.
BUT... A new homemade tool.

so with all that being said... anyone have any other ideas? is there a fan relay? I know there is power going to my switch, as when I turn on the AC, you can hear the clutch grab when I put the fan on any speed.

a little Tack onto a driver bit to prevent it from slipping through, and it fits perfect in a 1/4 ratchet wrench

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