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(been lurking around for a while since my past project didnt came through) hi, i have a Versa S, i was planning to get a car kit for my phone but it costs about $49 (gogroove), should i just add a little more and get a single din stereo? what are the items im going to need (aside from the stereo itself).. and also, where can i find a sun visor with a mirror on the drivers side :D help!!
also heres the link (PS the panasonic double din is 50/50 its a go but i wont have any cash left for gas T_T)



if im gonna spend another $50 for a car kit i would be more than happy to get this
and.. can anyone please give me some advice for a single din stereo with the same functions except the screen and dvd support?

should i wait and save up? or just go for gold? (using aux and breaking a couple of car chargers pains me, already lost $30 on that + aux cable :D)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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